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E3BV Battery Technologies

Primary Areas of Interest

Plated Metal Anode Development

Current collectors and separator tie layers tuned for Lighter elements in Group 1 and Group 2, with variations aimed at cost-effective transition metals.  

Organic Solid State Electrolyte Development

Glassy organic cation conductors that are cation agnostic. Organic Electrolyte Materials span in size from small molecules to macromolecular structures with high concentrations of vacant sites that shift around quickly to provide high cationic conductivity.  

The above three technologies work well together.

Organic Cathode Development

Quinone-type redox materials assisted by charge stabilizing transport agents. Practical potential ~1200.mV versus SHE

~260.mAh/g CAM at


C/5 rate

>80%g/g CAM in coating


Interested in how we might work together?

To learn more about E3BV Technology development, please contact us.

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